4 May 2014

The Self-Made Path Leads To June 6th

The WBU Lightweight Champion, Noah Zuhdi, is finally getting the opponent he wants on the date he wants. Being the champion, one can dictate the terms of the fight. Being of ring veteran status, one knows what and how to dictate. That's what Noah--in conjunction with catBOX Entertainment--is doing with the latest defense of his lightweight championship at the OKC Downtown Airpark on Friday, June 6.

While Noah will be the first to give credit to everyone in his family, his esteemed trainer Dickie Wood, and everyone in Team Zuhdi, it is the mark of a professional and true champion to do what he has done over the last several months. He could have taken a last minute opponent in April. He could have shortchanged the Oklahoma boxing fans with a quick win. He also could have let the boxing machine (or maybe monster is a more appropriate word?) dictate what his next move would be.

But he didn't.

Knowing he would not be able to give his best in late April or May because of training fatigue, nor would he be able give his best against the best opposition, Noah changed plans and took command of his career outside the ring. He essentially created his own path--like he has with previous successes--and plans to travel along it to a second successful defense of his title. First, the date was changed to June 6 because he needed to properly cycle his training and regroup. Then, modifications were made to his training and travel plans, which will be detailed on this site at a later date in an exclusive feature article. Lastly, a worthy opponent was penciled in.

When looking at the list of possible challengers, facing a young, hungry, and off-kilter opponent with a clean 13-1 record is not always the first choice. For Noah, it was. In what should be another action-packed fight based on their styles, he'll be entering into the ring against Eduardo Pereira dos Reis. The tough Brazilian will be a tough out--he can be tough to time, throws a sharp jab, and oozes with both confidence and a methodical manner at the same time.

Noah knows this will be just as difficult as some of his recent fights, but that is precisely what Noah wants: a challenge. Setting new challenges for himself and meeting those challenges head on with a focused, zen-like quality is what has set him apart from the local boxing scene and on the verge of the national spotlight. Setting and meeting challenges. Creating a path for himself and walking it--that is what he has done and will continue to do.