23 May 2015

Noah Enters the History Books, Literally

The site has been updated with a behind the scenes story on Noah's entry in Bob Burke's Oklahoma history book. Exclusive interviews with Noah and Burke were granted and conducted by NoahZuhdi.com. The story is slated to hit newstands and other outlets soon, and we'll keep you updated on that front. For now, you can take an early look at the story here.

The story behind the story also proved to be fascinating. In talking about the book, Burke shared: "I had written 119 previous books about Oklahoma and had accumulated a large amount of material about the uniqueness of the state and its people. I started out to make an Oklahoma history calendar, to have something on each day.

"But, as the project grew, it turned into a book. It helps prove my theory that Oklahoma's incredible story is not about places and events--it is about our people. Who would have ever guessed that the father of radio astronomy, the first president of the National Football League, the first voice of Donald Duck, the discoverer of the jet stream, the first person to fly alone around the world, the inventor of the shopping cart, and the person who added 'aerobics' to the English language all came from Oklahoma?"